When a client places an order, Healthcurepills sends them an email that confirms the order.

Another email follows the confirmation email and is more likely to be received within 24 hours in the order. This email confirms the purchase and also indicates that it will be sent shortly.

If there is a problem with the payment, such as non-completion, an email is sent to the consumer.

When an order is placed, it is very likely that it will be discharged and sent. When the shipment is allowed at the back end, an email is sent to the customer with the tracking amount of the transaction.

This email might include all of the shipping information as well as a timetable for when to expect the shipment. This email will include a “contact with us” option, so you may manually track the order by establishing a phone.

The order may be mailed to either the customer’s home or work address. There is an option for registered express delivery that is somewhat more expensive but significantly more secure in quality.

This kind of delivery requires the buyer’s signature at the time of delivery. If the buyer is not accessible, a notification about the attempt to ship the package has been provided to the purchaser. After contacting the postal system, the purchaser may pick up the package. The details of which may be included in the material supplied at the appropriate time. The arrangement is held at the post office for approximately four months before an attempt is made to return it.

Customs: Healthcurepills is based in India, therefore each purchase is treated as a good. ┬áThe pattern’s delay might range from a few days to three months in severe cases.

Reshipments of Lost Orders: We reship or compensate any missing orders. When there is a delay in receiving the arrangement, it is essential to evaluate it and bring it to the client’s notice within seven weeks of the day it is provided to the client. A refund or reshipment for your cancelled order is processed as soon as it is notified.

Refund and Return Policy: If the delivered product is damaged in any way or is not acquired in any way, a refund is issued or the item is reshipped to you. That is normally dependent on the phone call made by the purchaser and may be refunded or reshipped depending on the choice made by them.

We provide customer support to all of you if you have any questions about the purchase of the product in general.